Callback call from a2billing not logged on asterisk cdr

Hi I have the following problem.

When making a callback call either using webcallback or caller id callback the callback call works fine and it registers fine under the call history of a2billing, however the portion of the call that is the callback does not register under the asterisk cdr even if the call is answered.

When making a web callback or cid callback it is really 2 calls, for example in the case of webcallback the first call is from asterisk to you, and the other call is asterisk to the party being called, the call to the party being called gets logged fine, the
problem is the call from asterisk to you (the callback portion of the call) it does not get logged under asterisk cdr.

I am under the impression that all calls should be logged under the asterisk cdr, so I would think it is an asterisk configuration problem.

Is this an a2b or asterisk problem?
I checked the asterisk cdr using csv and sqlite and it is the same problem.

My version of asterisk is 1.4.44 and for a2billing it is 1.9.4.
Any ideas what can be causing this problem, or how to fix it?
I looked at the cdr.conf but found nothing that could be causing problems, any ideas or hints on how to troubleshoot this problem?

Generally, for call accounting non-trivilal calls, you need to use call event logging. That wasn’t introduced until, at least, 1.6.2.

Davi55, Thanks that answers my question.

since both 1.4x. and 1.6.x are EOL, I will have to migrate to 1.8.x to implement call event logging.

Thanks that is going to save me a lot of work since I was looking in all the wrong places.