Call Routing


Is it possible to route the outbound calls to external VoIP provider without registering Asterisk to there server?

For example, like routing the calls with some prefix which will authorize the call and terminate. 00999+Phone Number. Same as routing calls from Cisco Gw to another Gw.

Same implementation with Inbound calls, is it possible to accept Inbound calls without registering Asterisk to there server?

For example, Inbound DID VoIP provider just forwards the call from his Switch to Asterisk IP Address and according to Asterisk routing the call is routed to appropriate extensions.

Do I need any SIP Proxy to accomplish this goal?


Asterisk is quite capable of this functionality, without any difficult configs. The real question is, does the other VOIP provider support this functionality?

A SIP proxy is unnecessary.


Outbound calls will never be a problem. (although the registration might help you with some types of NAT).

For the incoming calls, it depends on how the providers sends you the calls, they could send em to a registered user or to an ip. Only the last case would work obviously.