Small business setup

I would greatly appreciate any insight on this topic from someone who deployed a system into a production environment. I run asterisk in my home and am used to my Asterisk box and Broadvoice account. Having said that, I know of asterisk connecting to a sip proxy and then being able to place/receive calls after the routing is established.

Im looking to deploy a small machine for my business, and am looking into DID numbers and trunks. Ive been reading the SIP URI FAQ’s on providers pages but am still a little curious how it all works in the background. I understand the whole routing of the phone numbers to the IP address of the machine, and how that will forward a phone call into the system, but I am not sure how the machine would place calls using the numbers. I couldnt find any information about a register and figure there is no proxy server on their end.

The network would look something like this…

-512kbps garunteed rate FR WAN connection
-all cisco equipment
-VLAN’s seperating voice and data
-QoS implemented inside the LAN (Im not worried about a QoS provider, i just dont want the data taking over any of the garunteed bandwidth)
-Asterisk sitting behind it
-6-10 local DID numbers
-15-20 simultaneous phone calls
-(Possibly Voxbone)

again any insight on this would be greatly appreciated. thank you.

If you are using a service like voxbone (which forwards the calls to you) than you cant use the DID for outbound since your server isnt connecting out. They are just sending it to you. You can either find a provider that will let you have a DID that allows for both inbound and outbound on the same DID. Or you can get an account with like voipjet or teliax and just set the CID to the number that you have for inbound.