Call Routing (ZAP1 to RingGroup1 , ZAP2 to RingGroup2)

Hello, I’m struggling with the basic for most of your issue , directing calls from PSTN lines to a particular Ring Group. We are setting the regional office and need to implement it asap. We just switched to Asterisk and I do not feel confident enough to write code. I spent all afternoon figuring this out, looking through numerous code examples and getting frustrated due to the time constrains. If somebody could be kind enough to post the code in this thread, I would be very thankful.

That’s what we have:

Asterisk box with TDM400P and 2 FXO, SIP phones

PSTN Line1 set up as ZAP1 trunk – just a regular telco line .
PSTN Line2 set up as ZAP2 trunk – regular telco line with one Distinctive Ring feature

We set up RingGroup#1, RingGroup#2 and RingGroup#3 to ring a particular set of extensions. (all extensions are internal with SIP phones)

The objective is as follows:
When calls come through ZAP1, we want the calls routed to RingGroup1.
When regular calls come through ZAP2, we want the calls routed to RingGroup2.
When Distinctive Ring calls come through ZAP2 we want the calls routed to RingGroup3.

(Our Distinctive ring pattern is 325,95,0)

Could somebody please post the code here so I could apply it to our server. I can’t seem to be able to figure it out myself just by looking at the other examples.

Any help appreciated. Thanks,


Can you post your Extensions.conf so we can see how your groups are setup and your zapata.conf so we can see your PSTN config?