A@H 2 lines

Hello, all.

I am running A@H 1.2.1 and am trying to accomplish the following. If anyone has any suggestions, I’d me most appreciative.

I have 2 pstn lines coming into my home.
4759724 is a business line
4752849 is a personal, unlisted line

I would like for 4752849 to ring on Ring Group 1 (all extensions), then be transferred to voicemail for u221
Similarly, 4759724 should ring on Ring Group 2 (all extensions), but voicemail is directed to u222 instead

The ring groups are set up to transfer to the appropriate voicemail box, but the “Incoming Calls” settings are putting the call into the Ring Group 1 regardless of which line the call is coming in on.

Is it possible to set it differently for each FXO line?

Many thanks in advance for any assistance.


Are you using a DID route for each line?

No DIDs… I have two physical PSTN lines coming into my box on a TDM31 and an X101. The PSTN is not providing DID information on the trunk.

Would it work if I set it up to route DID for Zap11 or Zap51 respectively? The Trunk names, according to CLI logging, are Zap 1-1 and Zap 5-1. Since I don’t have call waiting, there is no chance of running into a Zap 1-2 or Zap 5-2 scenario.

Thanks again,