Delay Zaptel pickup on line


I have a question that I cannot seem to word good enough for google to give me good results.

What I am trying to do, is setup the asterisk box in my office as a relay for the main asterisk box in another location, and that is done, all the sip phones are working great.

But also, I would like it to be the voicemail machine for the pstn line. I have a zaptel wildcard pci card, although cheap it is mainly to test the waters.

What I would like it to do, is when somebody calls into the pstn line, I would like it to ring all the wired pstn phones in the office, and rings the sip phones, then forward to voicemail after about 10 rings.

What it does now, is picks up before any of the office phones get a chance to ring, and forwards to the sip phones.

Maybe I am missing something, but is there a way I can tell this card to ring through on the sip phones, but not pickup the call until 10 rings?

After that, I should be able to finish the config on my own.

Thanks for the time in looking.
And I will google before I ask, so I may or may not be back.

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Just don’t Answer before Dial. Something like

exten => s,1,Dial(SIP/phone1&SIP/phone2&SIP/phone3,30) exten => s,n,Voicemail(box1234)

Hi sorry, could you give me more details on what is going on here?

Its just I want the zaptel card to ring in line with my pstn phones, not instead of my pstn phones.

I attended the IT360 conference in Toronto a couple days ago, and talked to the people at the taug ( toronto * user group ) booth and they all seemed interested in what I was asking, perplexed even. But they all said it should be possible.

Thanks for the relook,

Maybe I missed some details in your setup. Could you indicate how “all the wired pstn phones” are connected to Asterisk? If they are connected via the Zaptel card, just add the Zap channels to the Dial command should suffice.

Sorry about that, the wired phones connect to the wall phone outlets.

The Asterisk box is connected in parallel to the to the pstn line over the carrier provided line.

Basically, in the tech room, the phone line splits to all the phones, and on one wall socket is where we have the asterisk box.

In this case, only need SIP group in Dial. All wall stuff should still ring. If they no longer ring, that indicates some serious defect in your card.


Im not sure what happened, but the card I have if there is no phone attached on the phone port on it, it picks up and only rings the sip phones, if there is a phone attached to it, it rings the wall phones to, im not sure if its a feature of a defect, but it works now.

Thanks for the help anyways.

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