Call queue to single SIP phone; no agent login required?

Here’s the problem: I need to place callers in a queue and feed these calls to a single sip device.

Here is the optimal solution and tell me if it can be done.

Call comes in on the PRI and the caller 0’s out. If the receptionist is not on a call, the caller is sent directly to her phone. If she’s on a call, the calling party is queued and hears the typical “Thank you for calling XYZ, please hold and someone will be with you shortly” then the caller hears some MOH. When she hangs up, the next person in the queue is transferred to her phone, it rings; she picks it up, etc… No logging in and out of a queue, it just send’s the calls to this single Cisco 7940 sip phone.

Can I pull this off? I’ve looked and tested the Queue() application but I don’t know if that’s the best way to handle this issue.

Thanks you my friends, I’ve could have never gotten this server into production without your guidance!


Given that dialback agents are deprecated, this should actually be easier than using an agent! Just add the receptionist’s phone to the queue.