Support queue feature


I would like to know if this feature is available in asterisk. I want to create a queue, lets call it support, and I want users to be able to call in a certain number to join that queue.

Reason; Lets say I want to implement after hours support and the main number to the company is 555-5555. I want the after-hours schedule to kick in the “support” queue, so that the numbers in this “support” queue ring when the 555-5555 number is dialed. So I want after hours “support” technicians to be able to dial into the queue (I have spare DID’s to assign for this feature).

This is an idea that Ive had but have not been able to find the correct term or documentation on configuring it. If it is possible, can anybody direct me to the correct information.


What kind of phones are your support technicans going to be using? Softphones on computers at their house?
If they are using sip softphones this should be easy. They would just log into the queue to become an available agent.

I suspect your wanting them to call in using their landline/cell phone and become an agent in the queue.

which version of Asterisk are you running?


The asterisk here is using thirdlane GUI manager

and when I ssh into the box and under asterisk run “core show version”, I get the following ;

Asterisk C.3.3.1

I believe its running on 1.6 platform, but I have contacted the person who used to manage this box for confirmation. Even though this is thirdlane GUI, there are files that can be edited via CLI that thirdlane will use and not change. Like agents.conf file, but instead of agents.conf I have to rename it user_agents.conf

I will not be using softphones, I want outside cell phone numbers and outside land lines. How will I be able to achieve this, if possible?



I just got confirmation that this means were running a “commercial version” Asterisk Business Edition which is running on 1.4.26 tree, but were not using the open source version.

Can my request be done on this version?


I see that it can be achieved with an agent but I cant find the exact information I want. Will I be able to login and logout on command with a cellphone or land line from the outside. I wand to be able to create lets say 10 agents, assign them to the queue, and assign one DID to ring the “agents”, get prompted for the agent “agentid”, then the “agent password”.

Let me know if you need my to clarify anything else.


You should get support from the vendor of the commercial version. However the underlying Asterisk will do this. Note that AgentCallBackLogin is deprecated although it will still work; there are alternatives, but they are more work. If you want to authenticate the agent on every call, you will need to code that yourself (if it isn’t in the commercial product). The normal way of handling this is for the agent to make a call to login, then all incoming alls get sent to them.