Queue / agent with two phones


I’m working alone (home office) and i use asterisk to handle incoming calls (ISDN or SIP).

As i work in different places in my house, i have 3 phones : one SIP hardphone on my desk, one pstn phone on another desk and one wireless dect phone.

I would like now to handle incoming queues, meaning that when i’m allready on the phone, new callers receive an annouce, MoH, and can eventually choose to leave a message.

My problem is that i don’t see how i can handle to send the caller to the queue only if one of my phones is busy… when i’m allready on the SIP hardphone i do not want to ear the wireless dect phone ringing… and if i’m not on the phone i do not want that the caller recveive directly the announce of the queue (i do not want to put someone on queue if i’m not in the office :smile:)

Is it possible to use a fonction “Dial(SIP/21&Zap/1&Zap/2)” but return a busy if just one of those is busy ?

Have you tried using this application?:

voip-info.org/wiki/index.php … hanIsAvail

No, i do not see how to use this function in the queue handling or in the agent configuration… i do not see how to use this kind of condition in the queue settings, if i define

member => Zap/1
member => Zap/2

how can i tell Asterisk to threat those two extensions like only one, and only call if none of them are busy ? Is it possible to assign a dialplan extension as a member, and in this dialplan use ChanIsAvail to see if one phone is busy, then returning “busy” to the queue if one of the two phone is busy ?

I’ve looked further, but i still cannot find a way to handle a queue with multiple phones sharing a single extension :frowning:

Nobody can help me ? I just want to handle a queue with some agents able to use 2 different phones, but if they are on the phone on one, does not ring the other phone (many agents have a fixed phone on their desk and a wireless one when they are not in front of their desk)…

i don’t understand why you don’t just use dynamic agent login. when you’re in the office, you login, calls go to you and queue operates normally. when you leave, you logout of the queue, and the queue is set so that callers go directly to voicemail (or ringgroup then vm) when there are no agents logged in.

Login is not really great for someone who stay reachable but leave his desk 30x a day…

I’m at the office (home office), but i have 3 phones, one on my desk, one on another desk and one in my pocket (dect). All the day, i just move from one place to another, sometimes i just stay one place for just a few seconds (just clicking “next” then moving to another place), but if during this second someone call me i would like to be able to answer the call just where i am (and i do not like the DECT, for quality reason i allways prefer a fix phone on a desk when it’s possible).

Why i want to use a queue ? Because i want that if i’m allready on the phone, anyone else trying to reach me hear a nice waiting music, and i’m not disturbed by another phone ringing or by a beep in my phone…

With my old pabx, it worked that way, and i liked that, it’s the main reason i need a pabx : handling a waiting queue because i cannot answer two calls at a time.