How to put the call on hold by pressing a key

Hi All,

I’am trying to put a call on hold by pressing some key and again pick the call by presing some key.

Can any one suggest us, how do I process to do so.

Any information or sample dial plans on this is highly appreciated.


This is best done by choosing a phone with a hold option. That requires no specific configuration in Asterisk, at least for SIP phones.

If you want to fake it, you may be able to use the features.conf.

Hi david55,

Thanks for you reply.

Can you give more details how to do it exactly.
Any sample dial plan or conf files would be help.


“may be able” implies that I would have to research it and is a hint that you should do that research.

Hi david55,

Thanks again for you reply.

I was looking for some pointer to get started.


I’m talking about parking, which the nearest you can get to hold without cooperation from the phone.