Call forwarding initiated by receiver of the call

Imagine the situation when a phone 1001 is ringing with no response and, after some time, a colleague sitting at phone 2002 hears rings and initiates call forwarding from 1001 to his phone 2002 (so, the need to get up and walk to 1001 is eliminated)

I am interested how this option is called and whether such service can be implemented in Asterisk ?
Thanks !!!

I believe you are describing “call pickup”. As you would have to pick up a device, not an extension, the dialplan to implement this would be quite tricky.

You could possibly do it be setting a global variable, based on the target extension number, to the calling channel, just before doing Dial().

David, thanks a lot ! I ll google now keyphrase “call pickup” .

Whell, it’s not that tricky at all. You can do this with Asterisk application Pickup() in two different ways.

Let’s say that ** is the featurecode for call pickup on your Asterisk box. If you dial **, you pickup a ringing call on the system, if you dial **1001 you pickup a ringing call on ext. 1001.

exten => **,1,Pickup(@context)

exten => _**.,1,Pickup(${EXTEN:2}@context)

Make sure that the callgroup and pickupgroup parameters are set correctly for both extensions in sip.conf.