Call forwarding steps

what are the steps to do a call forwarding?
i guess there is no application for that and i have to use multiple application in order to do it, right ?

That depends on what exactly you mean by “call forwarding” and how it is initiated. On SIP phones the phone itself can do the call forward by telling Asterisk to forward the call to another extension, which works automatically. If you want to have the information in Asterisk then you write dialplan for it.

If this isn’t what you mean then you’ll need to elaborate further.

what i mean by call forwarding is as follows:
if my phone is ringing and i cant reach it then i want to take that call(coming to my number) from another phone.
thanks in advance
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That is either call pickup[1] or cascading calling. In the case of cascading you configure the dialplan to dial the next phone if the first one did not pick it up after a period of time.


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ohhhh okay thanks for the clarification.
ok so let me ask this extra question.
I want to let my calls to my number (55100) be directed to another phone which has another number (55200),so now if someone calls 55100 then i can answer from that other phone which could still receive its own calls. what do we call such a thing ?
and what are the steps to do it ? or is there an app for it?

Define “be directed”. If you want them both to ring at the same time that’s a ring group, and can be done in the Dial application. If you want to skip calling 55100 and just send to 55200 then that’s call forwarding and if it’s done on the Asterisk side, like enabled using a DTMF key, then you write that logic in Asterisk using the primitives it provides.

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this is exactly what i want.
would you be more specific of how to do it please ?

and i configured callpick right now on features.conf and it works so fine thanks for your help :slight_smile:

I don’t have such example dialplan. Others might. The thing about Asterisk is that it is a toolkit, it gives you pieces to build things but it’s really up to you to build it - so you have to step back and think about what is really involved.

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