Invite an extension to the conference with an already ringing status

Hi, question, who can tell me if this is possible…

lets say, extension 100 is calling 101 => pjsip channel 101 is in ringing state
On that moment i want to initiate a conf call , i can do that with a command line sofpthone (nr 102)…
So a new exentension 102 initiates the conference , when conf is started, the extension 100 thats still ringing needs to join the conf

is that possible?

Yes, that is possible.

Can you maybe show me how?

What you describe as conferencing is basic enough – assuming x100 and x102 are the only 2 parties on the call – that it might be doable using what Asterisk labels as Call Pickup and there are many ways to do that…

  1. The simplest option in your scenario might be to configure pickupexten in features.conf file, then dial that eg. *8 by default, from your x102.

  2. Or, you could include a Pickup(101) in dial plan extensions.conf file.

  3. Or, in pjsip.conf file, you can specify call_group or named_call_group on the endpoint, for a more general approach. (The corresponding pickup_group and named_pickup_group limit what extensions can do the pickup.)

  4. Another application you might try testing with is ChannelRedirect() – very powerful.

Also, if you do want a conference with more than 2 phones, eg. x100 + x101 + x102 + …, then I would lean towards ChannelRedirect() and/or some combination with the Originate() application to spool helper calls that anchor one leg in the pickup logic and let the other leg kick at the conference room door.

Great, wasn’t aware of those functions, thx for sharing

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