Call forward number

Hi to all,

I have a problem. I have an extension that receives the calls correctly, but when the phone is not picked up, I configured a forwarding to another external phone. In this external telephone, the number of the head of the switchboard comes out, but I need to leave the number of the person who is calling.
How can I do it?

Thanks for the help

We’d have to see the dialplan.

What did you configure to do the forwarding. I you configured the actual phone, it may well be that Asterisk doesn’t know the call is being forwarded.

I created a Follow me in the extension and in the follow me I put the Misc Dest the number of mobile phone.


By extension do you mean device. Creating a follow me in an extension is not very meaningful in Asterisk terms, as whilst it can be done, there is not built-in way of doing it directly, so different people will have different solutions.

If you meant in the device, we’d need to see how the device implements it. In particular, some devices implement post-answer blind transfers as an attended transfer, immediately followed by a hangup. To Asterisk, the enquiry phase of an attended transfer is indistinguishable from a call on a second line from the device.