Dial mobile number as extension


my extension configuration is this:

exten => 02********,2,Dial(${LORENZO},20)
exten => 02********,3,Dial(${RECEPTION},20)
exten => 02********,4,GotoIfTime(,,5-21,Aug?1000)
exten => 02********,5,HangUp()

please can you exactly tell me how to do to add the possibility to forward the call to a mobile number if nobody answer to the phone


You already know how to call another destination if no-one answers.

Calling a mobile number is no different from calling any other external number. As such, it is something that you should already know if you want to administer an Asterisk system. However, if you really don’t know, start here: http://www.asteriskdocs.org/en/3rd_Edition/asterisk-book-html-chunk/asterisk-OutsideConn.html

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ok, i’m not good to administer asterisk.

anyway you didn’t answer to my question.

how can i do ? thankyou

ps.now i cannot read all that, if you know tell exactly what i have to do

Same as you did:

exten => 02********,2,Dial(${LORENZO},20)
exten => 02********,3,Dial(${RECEPTION},20)
;here is the new line
exten => 02********,4,Dial(${MOBILENUMBER},20)

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mobile number is an external number obviusly

how can i solve this?

please help me

Noone can tell you what to put exactly because every configuration and deployment is different. If you provided the full configuration someone might tell you exactly, but otherwise people here can only provide general guidance which has been done.


i have i trunk sip configuration so how can i set call to mobile with provider setting?

You use the Dial application to place a call out the provider to the mobile number.

what do u mean ? i don’t understand sorry

There’s nothing else anyone can add to try to explain things clearer. Without an understanding of how Asterisk is configured we would need to write your configuration for you.

The Dial would send to SIP/${MOBILENUMBER}@${the-outbound-sip-trunk-name-or-ip}.

You should first go through this wiki or http://www.asteriskdocs.org/ (based on old version of Asterisk but very useful to start with) to find answers for most of your questions.
–Satish Barot

I wasn’t expecting that you will copy and paste that, so everything between this --> ${ } is a variable, in this case you need to define ${MOBILENUMBER} in your extensions.conf to make it work. Or you just can put your tech/sippeer/number in example DIAL(SIP/mytrunk/123456789) where the technology used is SIP, you have a service provider defined in sip.conf called mytrunk and the number to dial is 123456789.

Read the link that Satish sent you and you will learn a lot.

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