Call Conference Web Sign Up

I recently deployed some Asterisk PBX and hosted it a colo.I have completed all setup and all features that I need for my business are working fine.

Now I have a website hosted with a separate provider and am looking for pointers on how I could use my website as front end for users to sign up for call conferencing hosted on my Asterisk.

Right now I do international caller conferencing but my customers have to email me to setup the conf bridge and then they SMS their conf participants with the login credentials.

I want to automate this.

I do not know of any how to’s but you may want to look at asterisk real time (not sure if it supports conferencing). At most you can have your web site edit the files on your asterisk box.

I see


You could even use func_odbc to do the pin lookups for you. This way you can have your billing/provisioning database wherever you want and basically any type of db you want, and asterisk can do the lookup.

Something like this:

[code]exten => s,n,READ(pcode,enter-conf-call-number,20) # Please enter your conference passcode

exten => s,n,Set(ARRAY(cnfID,cnfclientID,cnfPin,cnfPass,cnfmodPass,cnfMaxUser,cn
Then dynamically set the meetme params based on the output of the query.
If you are using 1.6+ you could replace the ARRAY with HASH and change the syntax as it is much cleaner.

And func_odbc.conf would have something like this:

[CONF] prefix=CNF dsn=asterisk readsql=select * from confs where confPass = '${SQL_ESC(${ARG1})}' or modPass = '${SQL_ESC(${ARG1})}'