Conference bridge with php in asterisk AMI

Hi Dear all,

i am creating a conference bridge with the help of php so you have better idea for this then you can share it with me …Thanks in advance. please share the process of create this application…

Asterisk provide the confbridge() application natively, so why do you need php ?

i know about this sir and also do this with confbridge() application …but i want to try this with PHP AMI so that i want to do it with remotely and many user use it at same time…if you have better idea then please shared asap…

If is add remotely user to a conference, you can use the AMI originate action

sir can u explain how to use this by AMI ?

I need fully understand what do you want to do

I want to create the conference bridge with the help of PHP AMI and if need then use PHP AGI for multiple user for different number at same time remotely by using HTTP connection or TCP/IP connection i.e suppose i have many PRI No like 9141050602,9141050602,9141050603…& soon are conference numbers number and admin user enter in the conference room by enter pin and if he want to add more number then he will press any dtmf digit and extension number and call should be connected.That’s why i want to do this…So sir please help me for solution of this…

Normally any peer support forum would expect you to have something implemented first from your side. If you are stuck somewhere when developing your application, provide logs and explain issue/s. People here would give you guidance on what you can use to achieve your goals but I highly doubt if you’ll ever get ready made/step by step instructions for your requirements.
I encourage you to first implement a few of the features using information available online