Call billing solution

I’m looking for some call billing solution for my asterisk server. I need this software to use data from asterisk SQL database. I found quite a lot softwares for asterisk billing but they all works as a media gateway. All trunks from provider must be registered in these softwares and asterisk is behind them. I need to register the trunks on asterisk and billing software to get all the data from asterisk…
I found one software like that: call accounting mate. But it cost about 1000$ and that’s quite a lot for me now…
Any idea?
Another question. Does asterisk provide real time SMDR data through some port?



Have a look at There are plenty of open source Asterisk billing packages available. I do not believe that Asterisk by default provides an SMDR feed but there are plenty of ways to collect and store CDR records. Again see the above.


I used them for all my customers.They are dead cheap, and offer a fantastic service