Call logging howto go about?


I don’t know really this is the place my request has to be posted?,

Okay, here is what i wanted to do,

i want to log all the incoming call information like, source number and time on my PSTN line, is it possible through any open source with a small set of hardware, my PC has got linux and Serial ports+telephone ports too,

can someone guide me?


Are you familiar with some programing language? Asterisk has interface to custom applications (AGI). There you can do… well, sky is the limit :wink:

I believe Asterisk hasnt develop its own billing software.

but there are plenty Open source billing softwares are available and can be integrated with Asterisk.

In order log all the incoming calls information reports, we need to have the details in any Database.

I would recommend to use mysql database to have this calls stored in it.

So you have to install mysql server software as a backend database server and can integrate with asterisk server.

you can pull all the call details further.

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with loaded, asterisk keeps all cdr in /var/log/asterisk/cdr-csv as csv format. you could upload them to mysql etc, for later processing.

further information can be found in


I didn’t like Asterisk’s CDR’s system so I wrote my own CDR’s. You can the same with the AGI+MySQL+PHP or Perl. If you want Asterisk+billing you can have a look at A2Billing.