Opening Website

Hi, I´m new using Asterisk and I´m trying to open a website (for example when I pick up the call with an android phone (using Zoiper app).
I don´t really know how to do it, because I think in modifying the android app but it´s quite difficult…
I think it could be done editting the extensions.conf… so if someone could tell me some ideas or something, I will be very grateful.

Easier way is to modify the app to open a webpage, which I don’t think is possible with Zoiper. Some other (Difficult) ways are to develop an app
[1] using some SIP stack(You can use linphone) to replace Zoiper and modify it so that it opens the webpage on answer OR
[2] that would monitor events from Asterisk and open a webpage for you.

First of all, thanks for your response.
I will try to modify the linphone app (i have to learn how). Since the last post, I have been reading in different webs about this, and I saw there are some expressions relationationed with the url: CURL ( and SENDURL(, but I don´t really think it could work.

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