[CTI] Options to handle incoming calls?


I’m only beginning to investigate what options are available to build an Asterisk-based solution to help a friend handle calls for doctors, lawyers, etc.

I guess there are two solutions: A web-based app so that she and her customer share a calendar + client database, or have the customer let her access his desktop through eg. Remote Desktop or a URL in case the desktop application includes a web access in addition to the desktop GUI.

I have a couple of questions for those of you well versed in CTI:

  1. What web-based CRM would you recommend to share calendar + client database, in case the customer is OK with that?
  2. When a call comes in, can Asterisk launch an application on her desktop, either open her default browser to a call-dependent URL, or open a given instance of Windows’ Remote Desktop?

Any feedback appreciated.

Thank you.

asterisk can certainly launch browser based CRMs based on call information such as caller ID or any information gathered from the caller by way of an IVR. I am not at all sure about opening up Windows RDS sessions.

There are numerous CRM systems that are browser based that would work such as vTiger & Sugar [open source], or in the SaaS category there are products like RightNow, SalesForce.com, etc all of which can be launched using call driven URLs provided by asterisk.

Thanks for the feedback. Apparently, the standard way to launch an application when a calls comes in is by using the Asterisk manager API


I’ll take a look at the CRM you mentionned and see if they would be a good solution in this context.

Thank you.

application in the context used in that link is asterisk application i.e. an application resident on the server accessible from the dial plan, not things on remote desktops.

I guess the solution to link a call on an Asterisk server to an application on a Windows client is to combine a small AGI application on the Asterisk server and a second application on the Windows so as to be able to eg. open Outlook or launch a browser with a given URL.

Looks like FastAGI is what I was looking for :smile: