BRIstuff (zaphfc) and Debian


I’ve Debian sarge as server and I always try to take Debians original packages as much as possible because of simpler updates, security.

For that reason, I’ve also taken Debian sarge’s Asterisk package which is Asterisk 1.0.7-BRIstuffed-0.2.0-RC7k.
I also have the 2.4 kernel.

I used to have an AVM Fritz! card and I compiled myself chan_capi-cm. That was not the problem because it’s one single file and I do not loose the overview of my system :wink:

But now I bought an HFC-S card because I want to have internal S0 Bus. This card requires Asterisk to be patched with BRIstuff.

Debian sarge is already patched with BRIstuff BUT: I don’t already have the zaphfc driver.
I would like to build it on my own from BRIstuff.

But bristuff’s install script tries to build and patch a complete asterisk system.

Does the BRI-patched asterisk version-depend on the zaphfc?

Can I use my BRIstuffed sarge Asterisk without any problems with a self compiled zaphfc, even from another BRIstuff version?

Or do I need to have zaphfc and patched-asterisk in the same version? In this case I would have to compile the whole asterisk tree on my own which I don’t.

Thank you a lot!



As a start, I got it and installed it the debian way. I think it is not the most recent version but I do hope that everything will work fine.

Till now, everything seems to be OK.

How to install the driver in debian sarge the debian way with 2.4, I’ve written here in german: … ach-zaphfc

Anyway, I’d be happy if anybody of you could tell me if it’s possible to use the default debian asterisk with a recent self-compiled zaptel/zaphfc module…

one note- asterisk 1.0.7 is horribly outdated. The entire 1.0x branch is depreciated in favor of the 1.2 branch, and 1.4 is coming soon…

Sure, debian stable packets :wink:

Always the same…

Would you recommend to forget the debian packages and install a fresh one from source?

I hate the way BRIstuff ./install its files on the whole system; why it can’t install to /usr/local as every normal program does?!

Hi Have a look at the xorcom site, they do have upgrade packages to get upto 1.2 with Bristuff AFAIK.



I’ve found

But it seems that all other packages are then also taken from that repos.

I’d like to take only the asterisk packages but I can nowhere find that possbility…