Problems asterisk with Sarge


I have got a problem to install asterisk with BRI card on Debian Sarge.
When I install a capi module, i can’t restart asterisk.

asterisk -v:

[] => (Call Parking Resource)
[] => (Common ISDN API for Asterisk)
Sep 2 16:57:16 NOTICE[3677]: chan_capi.c:2635 load_module: CAPI not installed!
Sep 2 16:57:16 WARNING[3677]: loader.c:345 ast_load_resource: load_module failed, returning -1
Sep 2 16:57:16 WARNING[3677]: chan_capi.c:2811 unload_module: Unable to unregister from CAPI!
Sep 2 16:57:16 WARNING[3677]: loader.c:391 load_modules: Loading module failed!





I don’t know if this helps. I using the zaphfc drivers (Bristuff-0.2.0-RC8o). After a little fiddling I got this to work. So far it is work well. It’s been running for 2 weeks with no problems and I haven’t had the echo problems that people have reported.

Looking at your log, it look like the kernel module hasn’t loaded. What linux kernel are you using? Anyway I would suggest that you look at “dmesg” and see if the card has been detected. Then do a lsmod and see if the CAPI modules have been loaded (I’m assuming that you have the kernel CAPI modules compiled).