Getting zaptel up and running


I am still failing to get the zapata/bristuff drivers working with Asterisk. I am running Fedora Core 4, specifically the kernel 2.6.11-1.1369_FC4.

I have purchased two Cologne Chip Designs HFC-PCI ISDN cards for my PC. The person I purchased them from attached a set of instructions on how to set them up: download the bristuff tarball from - I downloaded version 0.3.0-PRE-1q. I also downloaded the Florz patch from it (version 0.3.0-PRE-1o), and followed the instructions on patching the bristuff directory.
I ran the install script, and although it initially had problems with my kernel source being unlocatable, and not creating the devices/zaptel module, I finally managed to get the zaptel module and devices to exist. Asterisk and everything else installed fine.

Here is my /etc/asterisk/zapata.conf:

[channels] switchtype=euroisdn musiconhold=default signalling=bri_cpe usecallingpres=yes pridialplan=unknown prilocaldialplan=unknown nationalprefix=0 internationalprefix=00 stripmsd=0 echocancel=yes echocancelwhenbridged=yes echotraining=yes rxgain=2 txgain=2 immediate=no usecallerid=yes callerid=asreceived group=1 context=zaphfc-in channel => 1-2 channel => 3-4

Here is my /etc/zaptel.conf:



So, the two main problems are:

Running /etc/init.d/zaptel start (to start zaptel, right?) causes the following output:

Loading zaptel framework: [ OK ] Waiting for zap to come online...OK Loading zaptel hardware modules: Registered Tormenta2 PCI Wildcard USB FXS Interface driver registered No functioning zap hardware found in /proc/zaptel, loading ztdummy Running ztcfg: ZT_SPANCONFIG failed on span 1: invalid argument (22) [ FAILED ]

And secondly, running asterisk -c produces:

WARNING[2832]: chan_zap.c:1099 zt_open: Unable to specify channel 1: Device or resource busy ERROR[2832]: chan_zap.c:7219 mkintf: Unable to open channel 1: Device or resource busy here = 0, tmp->channel = 1, channel = 1 ERROR[2832]: chan_zap.c:11982 setup_zap: Unable to register channel '1-2' WARNING[2832]: loader.c:414 __load_resource: load_module failed, returning -1 WARNING[2832]: loader.c:554 load_modules: Loading module failed!

Thank you very much for any help you can offer. I look forward to the day I can help out the way you guys do.[/code]

i’m not familiar with ISDN2e setups in Asterisk … but what’s the device driver you’re supposed to be loading after zaptel ?

there’s little point in even attempting to run Asterisk until ‘ztcfg -vvv’ returns cleanly.

I’m not sure.
After I run the init.d zaptel script, it loads modules in the following order…

It shouldn’t be loading ztdummy in normal situations, right? I thought it was only for if you don’t have any hardware to provide the timing for Asterisk?

there are varying versions of the init script, i’ve seen one that loads ztdummy only if none of the others are loaded.

should you be loading zaphfc for these cards ?

unless you get a response from someone where who has installed bristuff, is there a forum linked to the bristuff developers that might provide more info for you ?

hmm, with no modules loaded, I typed modprobe zaphfc and then ran the init script for zaptel, and ztcfg ran cleanly, although it still loaded ztdummy as it couldn’t find anything in /proc/zaptel.

Asterisk also loads cleanly (although it complains a warning about the D channel, although I guess that’s because we’re not actually plugged into the ISDN line right now).

usually i would expect to modprobe zaptel, then the driver, then run ztcfg.

but it looks good … does CLI > zap show channels look ok ?

I added bchan=4-5
and dchan=6 to zaptel.conf, so zapata.conf needs to be channel => 4-5, not channel => 3-4, right?

I’ve done that, and zap show channels shows:

pseudo zaphfc-in default
1 zaphfc-in default
2 …
4 …
5 …


looks good. now you just need to get it hooked up to the NTE.

have fun.

(i wonder if we need a “Welcome to the revolution” type thing here ??)

The NTE?

I have been welcomed for at least a week now, don’t worry, I’ve got Asterisk working with SIP and a IAX2 connection to a Gateway, so I’m fully enjoying it already, this was just the one last niggly thing.