Asterisk AVM Fritz and stability

Dear Asterisk Users!

I have a Debian Sarge Box running in our small Office and everything is working quite well at least for 2 or 3 months.

For this time period it’s absolutely stable. But now for the second time the whole computer crashes then. This time in the middle of a conversation.

I looked into syslog, debug, asterisk logs, but I can’t find anything unusual. Is there any other place I can look for relevant logs?

Here my configuration:

Debian Sarge
AVM Fritz Card ISDN PCI with chan_capi
5 SIP Phones
1 ISDN BRI Line to Telco
Asterisk 1.0.7-BRIstuffed-0.2.0-RC7k
Besides that a few services are running (apache, ntpd, sshd)

I am thankful for every hint.

Have a nice day,

Please make sure, that the interrupt for the BRI card is not shared with for example the network card.

You can find (or adjust) the IRQ setting on a per PCI-port in the bios.

With kind regards,

Martin Temmink.

Asterisk 1.0.7

…and want to update ?
There was a buttload of fixes, also crash issues.

Maybe an update would solve your problem already.