Zaphfc for Asterisk and Zaptel 1.2.5

I´m searching for the best implementation of the zaphfc module for my HFC BRI Card! There are two packages available BRI-STUFF 3.0 and the FLORZ Patch. Which one to choose an howto implement???

I´m running:

Debian 3.1r2 sarge (kernel 2.6.15)
Kernel Patches with newest mISDN package
Zaptel 1.2.5
Libpri 1.2.2
chan_capi 0.65 (but not yet configured)

Do I really need chan_capi in that configuration (assuming zaphfc is up and running)?? :question:

Well, the best thing is to try both of them and find out for yourself what’s truely best for your situation.

I can say that I have had (very) positive experience with bristuff, the latest one ( includes asterisk HFC cards work perfectly. In this case you won’t need CHAN_CAPI.

Good luck !

the archive of the florz patch seems to be corrupted. So I installed bristuff over the existing asterisk, zaptel & libpri software. Everything seems to be fine (exept the startuproutines). I will open a new subject for it.