Bristuff or mISDN to compile under 2.6 24?

Hello everybody,

I realise that this might not be the most appropriate place to post this question, but I just can’t find anywhere else to post it. The website doesn’t seem to have a forum (just some mailing lists), and seems to offer commercial support under their ‘Support’ link. I’m hoping that somebody might either have a clue where would be a better place to ask this question, or even better, might have an idea how to solve this.

I’ve just spent about 10 hours trying to compile mISDN (and later bristuff) against a 2.6.24 kernel (Slackware 12.1). No luck. It all seems to boil down to the fact that a lot of features have been removed from the newer kernel - such as SA_SHIRQ, and SA_INTERRUPT. I have been hacking away at it, including replacing CFLAGS with EXTRA_CFLAGS in mISDN - with some mild progress - but this is getting past my vague C/C++ knowledge.

Also googling for “bristuff 2.6.24” or “misdn 2.6.24” or any other combinations or words I thought, plus error messages I get during compilation only led me to understand (from the explanation of error messages) that those drivers have not been adapted for this kernel yet. Nothing more productive.

Edit: I’ve managed to find some references to 2.6.23 and 2.6.26 kernels - but a lot seems to be exchanges between developers. Can’t work out if there is a working version for 2.6.24.

I’ve been using the latest sources for both packages from their websites ( for mISDN and 0.3.0-PRE-1y-q for bristuff). There is a newer package on bristuff, but it is marked as ‘experimental’.

I am willing to post more info and ‘make’ command output, if somebody actually wants to look into further detail.

I am hoping that somebody might have stumbled over this already - and found some ready patched sources (or ready compiled modules?) that work against this version of the kernel. It seems that 2.6.24 war around from sometime in Feb 08, so I’m hoping somebody might have come up with something already.

Otherwise, I would either have to re-compile an older kernel on this install, or go backwards and install Slack 12.0.

Many thanks for any pointers or suggestions.

I just thought I would post here the solution I’ve used.

I’ve managed to solve eventually my own problem :smile:.

I’ve searched high and low for a suitable patch for mISDN- which would support kernel 2.6.24 at this point in time with no success.

Eventually I downloaded kernel from (the last kernel reported to work with mISDN and compiled it. mISDN compiled against it just fine - but I was left without network all of a sudden. Now it turns out that my network card (Intel 1000mbs PCI-E is only supported AFTER 2.6.23). So choice between mISDN, or network card.

Eventually I found this patch from the Gentoo community: … &id=196053) which worked fine against sources and now I have both mISDN and Intel PCI-e integrated network card. It adds support for e1000e (Intel PCI Express only (integrated/onboard or otherwise) network card) into the 2.6.23 kernels.

What a journey! I’ve posted all of this here, just in case somebody might find it useful one day. I know it is not all related to Asterisk, but I’ve stumbled into all this trying to install Asterisk + mISDN - so just thought it can all go together here.