Bridging 2 lines together (3way conference)

Hello again!

…I’m trying to accomplish the 3-way Conference.
When I’m on a call, I can press the ‘flash’ button, and dial someone else. How can I bridge these 2 calls together? …

I heard something about MeetMe, but I think this required ZAP module right? Am I able to do it with SIP and IAX?

Would have been nice if it was only a flag in the DIal command, as for the transfer option… effective, nice and easy! Unfortunalty, I verified all the flags and didn’t find it…

Does anyone has a clue?


Alright after some research, I found out(!), that this functions is able to work only if at has been activated in the gateway. So I went into my gateways, and enable the function.

But now, in Asterisk, with CLI, where you see everything live that asterisk does, I’m able to call someone, press my flash button on my phone, dial someone else, and then, when I press again the flash button (normally it should bridge the calls together… again this is done by the gateway), I see in my CLI:
Mar 14 19:52:22 NOTICE[2091]: chan_sip.c:3593 process_sdp: No compatible codecs!

I looked everywhere in my Gateway to make sure all the codecs for all ports was all alike. It’s all good.

Now my question is this; Since the problem doesn’t appear to be in my Gateway, then obviously it should be in asterisk. And then, where in asterisk should I look in order to fix that problem?

Thank’s all!

Alright boys and girls!

Forget about this one, I found it! … Just in case some of you wanted to know, the problem was into my sip.conf file… I had to add the u-law codec in there…

Now since I want to emulate a Telco, I need to implement the *71 function after the user has pressed on the flash button (it works fine withtout *71 with only the flash button, but since I want to emulate a Telco, that’s why I need to configure that *71)

So basically, my *71 has to do nothing (it worked fine withtout, that’s why)… So something like:

exten => *71,1,Goto(app-3way-perform)

exten => s,1,Answer()
exten => s,2,Background (Sound file of a tone)
exten => s,3,NoOp()

… Does anyone know what’s the sound file for a normal tone (North America)?? It should be somewhere in /var/lib/asterisk/sounds … but I don’t know the exact filename…

Thank’s to all!