[QUESTION] About three-way calling support


Asterisk have list three-way calling in its features list, but I don’t know how to use it.

I only found a setting about three-way calling in zapata.conf, is this means that this feature needs to be supported by hardware(s)?

can I just call someone, hold the call, then make another call, and enter some kind of feature code (for example : *99#) after the second call has answered, to accomplish the Three-way calling feature?

Is it can only be done with hardware supported, or it can be manually implemented by the dialplan

Thanks for your help

Arthur Chen

As far as I know, Asterisk does NOT do 3-way calling. This is something typically implemented on a IP phone.

What you can do, but it is a hassle, is use the meetme application (conference bridge). Call the first person, transfer her into the conference. Then do the same with the second person. Finally, you call into the bridge and all 3 are talking.

I have done three-way calling with an ATA with no problem. Simply dial the first person, flash-hook, dial the second, flash-hook and you have a three-way call. Of course this feature is dependent on your SIP endpoint and therefore dependent on which SIP endpoints you are using.

In terms of doing it in the dialplan, gtcleaves is correct, you would need to use MeetMe to do it effectively within Asterisk itself.

Thanks for your reply
now I know what to do

Thank you