Sip phone -> zap channel -> flash hook

I have a customer with a TDM400P and 4fxo modules on it. When they are on the phone they do conference calls all teh time, but this ties up 2 lines now instead of just the one like when they had their old pots phones.

I have been searching on how to send the flash hook to the line but havent found anything. Does anyone know how to do this? I have btoh grandstream gxp2000’s and a couple of Polycom 501s at this site.

Any pointers would be appreciated.


I would have though that when the conference is done on the local network you just get Asterisk to Bridge that person in by connecting them in.

For instance, some one calls in on your PSTN line, you have everything setup in your configuration files (Not entirely show how this is done), and if you want to bring someone into the call and have a conference you would press something like #10 then the extension? This is maybe setup in the features.conf maybe??

I know this can be done, i just have never set it up myself, but you do have me curious now to look at doing this some time and see what are the best ways to do it, but i know it can be done easily enough of that i am certain off.

Maybe someone on here who has set it up before can give you some real pointers, instead of my dead end comments :wink:



I have tried to use the dynamic_feature functionality but it does not work in my case. The grandstream phone does not seem to send anything once in call, or at least asterisk is not detecting it.

Ok so i put this in features.conf: zapflash => #1,peer,flash,()

and set the featuredigittimeout to 1000, but sometimes when i hit # 1 not quite as fast it wont take it. I gotta hit it super fast, which is hard for my users. Any ideas why the featuredigittimeout might not have any effect?