BLF status problem

We have some secretaries with Grandstream GXP-2010, and many Intelbras VOIPER telephone, with Aterisk 1.6 installed. The Grandstream have BLF to both types of telephones. Sometimes the status of the buttons change, showing Idle when the station monitored is busy and InUse when the station monitored is idle. I couldn’t see yet the moment this occurs. It seems that occurs when the person on that station imediately answers one call after finishing other. It seems to be an Asterisk problem because using the command ‘core how hints’ the station monitored is sending an information busy while beeing idle. Someone can help me solve this problem? The secretaries monitors the extensions of theirs directors and others secretaries, and this problem is turning their work very hard.

what is your call-limit set to? If not set or set too high, this would interfere with proper status detection.

I have call-limit = 20. I took this value on an example in some internet page. I don’t know if this value is high or enough… Waht value would I use? And I can use it for both the secretaries and her directors?

Thanks for your reply!

I’d set it to N+2 where N is the number of lines per phone (3 lines = 5 call-limit). It’s a trial and error thing, but 20 is probably too high. Once you get a good value, you should be able to use for both.

I will try value 3 to the directors, but I’m in doubt about the secretaries, because they have just 1 line registered to the phone, but the calls of their directors are redirected to them, and they can answer the calls of the others secretaries too. I have to consider all this or only the one line that is registered to the phone?
Thanks a lot for your help!

looking at the specs for the Grandstream GXP-2010, I’d go with a limit of 6 (4+2).