484 (Early Dial) and BLF

Interesting problem here. I’ve configured early dial (484) on my Grandstream GXP-2020s with Firmware, they’re connected to an Asterisk server. I have hints for BLFs which are configured like “exten => 229,hint,SIP/229”

Unfortunately when the sip phone dials a number, each digit is considered a call, until the associated 484 is sent. The Asterisk server then begins to send out notifies to all registered parties that the BLF lamp should be changed. Then another notify is sent when the 484 message is returned to the original phone. When the user presses another digit, the same thing happens again. The net result is that an enormous amount of traffic is being generated unnecessarily.

Is there a way to restrict BLF notifications so that they only occur when actually in a call, not when pressing a number??? I took a brief look through the source code, but didn’t find anything like that.

Thanks in advance.

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I think this question is going to be sufficiently esoteric that you will need to look at the source code. However, I doubt that any options exist here, and my expected behaviour would be to mark the device busy from the first digit until the call completes or is abandoned.

Incidentally, what is the significance of 121 milli Hertz? 121.5 Mega Hertz is the numerically nearest special frequency of which I am aware.