BLF notification problem

Ok I am trying to set up BLF on a Linksys spa942 and have followed all the instructions I have been able to find on the net but the light never turns red when the line is in use, it just stays green.

the relative sip.conf

[office-phone](!) type=friend context=mycontext host=dynamic nat=no secret=Iamlazy#$%^#$%^#$%^ dtmfmode=auto disallow=all allow=ulaw allow=alaw busylevel=1 allowsubscribe=yes limitonpeers=yes notifyringing=yes notifyhold=yes


; Make sure to include inbound prior to outbound because the _NXXNXXXXXX handler will match the incoming call and create a loop

;For BLF
exten => 100,hint,(${xxxxxxxxx})
exten => 101,hint,(${nnnnnnnnn})

include => voipms-inbound
include => voipms-outbound
include => LocalSets
include => parkedcalls[/code]
that is all that I added or changed from what I could read
show core hints shows

100@mycontext : State:Idle Watchers 0 101@mycontext : State:Idle Watchers 1
but the state idle never changes even when I am on a call. I also have a problem with gotoif $DIALSTATUS=BUSY which might be conected because it never gets a busy back not sure.

Found out the problem I did two things to get it to work not sure which on but I removed the () from the hint line. Also added callcounter=yes to the general section of sip.conf