Best voip sulotion for a big call center

i am planing for implement a good sulotion for a big call center with 5 full E1 line and 24 hourse work time .
as there are many idia for this system i`m confused in choosing best vendor
i think if i give a cisco AS5400 as voice Gateway,and an Asterisk installed on a HP blade server it be best one.
can anyone help me that is my choose true or false.
and if it is not true what is best choose for this call center?
thak for your attention

no any idia?

I think that Asterisk + a good PRI-VoIP gateway is a good plan. But be sure to hire a good consultant/implementation company, prefebly one with a good support software that will give added value to the good telephony system :wink:

Could you please help me with following points:

  1. Is it a inbound or outboud call center?
  2. What is the expected/approximate simultaneous calls?
  3. Are you looking for a voice recording?
  4. Is it a single site implementation or multisite?
  5. Are you looking for IVR? - basic IVR or customized?
  6. What kind of reports / performance reports are you looking for?

Your response will help me to suggest appropriate solution.We can discuss on skype or any other IMs. Kindly suggest.

Unified Tech Support

we want to plan for a inbound call center with at least 70 simiulate call with voice recording enabled.
and we want to have any kind of report
we have at least 2 site for operator and also we have multiple custumized IVR
i`m waiting for your solution