New router

I want to replace my U.S.Robotics 8054 router. (It is blocking to often) :cry:

Can anyone recommend a ‘sip-friendly’ wireless router? :unamused:
I’m going to use it together with Asterisk and Linksys ATA-3000.



if you’re talking consumer stuff, you might have some fun with a Linksys WRT54GL (note the L) and DD-WRT or other 3rd party firmware…

Thanks for your reply.
Looks nice to me.

Can’t get the GL version here(Belgium), only the G version.

Can that one also be rebuild with DD-WRT ?

I use the Linksys WRT54G, works perfectly with my config with asterisk, softphones, cisco and linksys hardphones, Sipura ATA, and my Windows Small Businees Server network. Routers do not expelicitly know “protocols” as such you just need to configure the port number forwarding and name them.

The SMC 7004 has been good for me (it dosent have QoS - but I never really needed it - allways worked great without it).