Asterisk on routers Revisit in 2023 How about now!

Asterisk on routers

i would like to revisit this question asked back in 2007 15-16 Years later
We have faster routers more ram and memory not to mention USB ports for external space.

I been watching since then. From the famous linksys wrt54gs/gl just barely able to run a console version
More not that it could do it but handle regular traffic also.

Has anyone ran something more modern like a asus n66u or something more faster. say using the harddrive usb option…

I like the power to run is low was interested in trying it. I have compiled my own for years on regular computers professional and hobby setups.

i would like to hear some experiences from folks running something faster then a 200mzh CPU in the last 5 years… !

Has anyone tried installing asterisk on a commercial router and got it to work in a production environment?

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