Beginning with Asterisk

Hi there,
I’m very new to Asterisk because I just found Astersk yesterday on the internet while searching for a new open source telephony software. I plan to use asterisk for my business, please help me with some questions below:
1- What is the best flatform Asterisk working with?
2- Can I use Asterisk to develope to work with Windows flatform?
3- I plan to start a Auto Call Processing center. What Digium products and Asterisk software I use for?
Thank you very much!

This, is an extremely broad question with a a variety of possible answers.

If you’re new to asterisk and want a quick and dirty setup you can just go with AsteriskNOW! I personally run all my Asterisk on CentOS. It seems to glide along without a glitch or hitch.

Are you talking about running asterisk on a windows server? If so, the simple answer is NO.

Finally, I have no idea what your center would be doing, so recommending hardware/software is complicated.

Hi Mark
I have a Call-Center to serve for callect calls via Public Pay-Phones.
In the Call Center, operators (people) answer the callers and provide services to them. Now, I would like to switch to Machine-operator which is a machine takes care of services to callect-calls. It seems like PBX but there are many more options to deal with such as: taking credit card numbers, transfering calls, disconnect calls …

Please help me with this.
Thank you very much!

As a first project on Asterisk this is quite ambitious, though it is do-able. I would suggest getting used to Asterisk, start writing your call scripts and, if need be, ask people here for help with any and all problems. You’ll learn a lot as you go :smile: