Be in insteresting in conference ,come in!

conference is very insteresting .to write a dialplan using meetme is very simple. but the problem is that to create a much more convenient conference room is a little difficult. here is my request:
i have a iax softphone. and i config severral rooms in the asterisk server.
i want my iax softphone have such a function. iax softphone user first select the persons entering the conference room then dial them at the same time. his friends hear ring then accept to enter the room. is a way using complex dialpalan or AGI to realize such a function?
maybe we would have a discuss here

what is the way you use meetme?
is any one can give a hint?

For conference, I just press the 8+extension of the person who hold the conference. But i’m not so clear with ur request. :confused:

can you give me your detail of your conference plan.
my plan is that user first dial 555 then the server asign a
idle conference room .then if your want to enter the room you
much silimar with yours. what i want is that :the presider invite some people to enter the room.if you receive the invite then accept to enter the do you realize such a function or silimar function?
Tq in advance