[Meetme] conferences

About meetme,

I would like to have a conference room where the people can login into it Only If a specfic person is logged in the meetme, that is posible in asterisk? and If that Person hang up the other people hang up being hang up automaticly.

Is that Posible with Asterisk? Any help or links are welcome

i believe so…

  1. play with the meetme options. special guy should be able to create conference and be ‘marked’, conference should be created with ‘AwxdP’ flags (w = wait until marked user enters, x = close when marked user leaves d=dynamically create conference, A = marked user, P = prompt for PIN)
    exten => 1234,1,Meetme(1111,AwxdP,1234)
    (user will be prompted for PIN (1234), and when entered it will create conference 1111 and put him in as Marked user)

  2. other people should dial meetme with ‘wx’ flags, ie

exten => 1212,1,Meetme(1111,wx,1234)
(w=wait for marked user, x= close when marked user leaves)

the result should be that if your special person dials 1234, then puts in PIN 1234, conference 1111 is created and he is in it.

if other user dials 1212, he will be put in conference 1111 but only if special person is already in.

If special person hangs up, everybody currently in conferece 1111 will be disconnected.