Conference with other extension number


I would like to conference with another extension number, can someone let me know how I can achieve this in Asterisk? I am new to Asterisk and it seems that “MeetMe” is not the one for this type of confernce thing.


Hi there

I don’t quite understand what you want to do. If you provide some more detail on what you are trying to achieve then myself or someone else might be able to help you.

The way that Meetme works is that everyone dials into the Meetme conference using a Meetme extension number (specified in meetme.conf and extensions.conf). If there are only 2 people that want to talk then there is no need for Meetme, and one person can call the other person via their extension number


Meetme create static conference rooms.
If you want a dynamic conference room look at this:

I’m not sure, but maybe it is what are you looking for.

Thanks for the reply. I am looking for a general conference among 3 people. This is the common feature supported by most of old PBX systems.

Here is my case

A calls B
B initiates another call to C. A is put to hold
C agrees to join the conference. B presses the “conf” button again to bring A to the confernce all.
A,B and C are all now on the call.


Hi there

I am not sure and I may be wrong here, but does this not have more to do with the phone that is being used, where B is connected to both A and C and when A talks to C the audio goes through B? So that B is acting as the “conference server” instead of Meetme.

This is just a guess - I am really not sure.


I believe that you’re right langals.

For example, the free version of x-lite softphone does not have a conference feature. In that case, all you can do is make use of a meetme conference.

The phone’s conference feature will work differently for each phone, but it will largely be up to the phone if the conference feature is to work at all.