MeetMe command help!

hello mates,

i have 3 computers with a softphone installed on each computer (X-LITE), and an asterisk server with asterisk 1.2.

how can i make the 3 phones call a certain number and enter some kind of a Chat room, so they all can voice chat with each other??

please help with some examples on how to do it and also inform me if i need some special configurations for the softphones in the SIP.conf file.

thanks mates.

Hi Mate,

Setup a conference room in meetme.conf

;Conference 101 password 1234
conf => 101,1234

In your extensions.conf add

exten => 101,1,MeetMe(101,i,)
exten => 101,2,Hangup()

To use get the three uses to dial extension 101 follow the prompts done!
Change the extension to suit your setup.