Conference or may be voice chat room

Hi All

I want to make a conference / voice chat room using asterisk, it would be like people call in on PRIs which will be terminated on Digium’s PRI Interface cards, using some IVR prompts caller would be directed to a particular chat room of his/her own choice where he/she can talk with other callers of the same room

Is it possible to do this with Aserisk mettme or any other option, I am concern about the quality of voice when more than 10 callers join a room and there will many rooms with more than 10 callers

can asterisk handle all this if yes how and what hardware would I require ?


If you have already installed asterisk.
Type the following on the asterisk CLI.

vinod-asteriskCLI> show application meetme
-= Info about application ‘MeetMe’ =-

MeetMe conference bridge

MeetMe([confno][,[options][,pin]]): Enters the user into a specified MeetMe conference.
If the conference number is omitted, the user will be prompted to enter
User can exit the conference by hangup, or if the ‘p’ option is specified, by pressing ‘#’.
Please note: The Zaptel kernel modules and at least one hardware driver (or ztdummy)
must be present for conferencing to operate properly. In addition, the chan_zap
channel driver must be loaded for the ‘i’ and ‘r’ options to operate at all.

The option string may contain zero or more of the following characters:
‘a’ – set admin mode
’A’ – set marked mode
’b’ – run AGI script specified in ${MEETME_AGI_BACKGROUND}
Default: conf-background.agi
(Note: This does not work with non-Zap channels in the same conference)
‘c’ – announce user(s) count on joining a conference
’d’ – dynamically add conference
’D’ – dynamically add conference, prompting for a PIN
’e’ – select an empty conference
’E’ – select an empty pinless conference
’i’ – announce user join/leave
’m’ – set monitor only mode (Listen only, no talking)
‘M’ – enable music on hold when the conference has a single caller
’p’ – allow user to exit the conference by pressing ‘#’
‘P’ – always prompt for the pin even if it is specified
’q’ – quiet mode (don’t play enter/leave sounds)
‘r’ – Record conference (records as ${MEETME_RECORDINGFILE}
using format ${MEETME_RECORDINGFORMAT}). Default filename is
meetme-conf-rec-${CONFNO}-${UNIQUEID} and the default format is wav.
‘s’ – Present menu (user or admin) when ‘*’ is received (‘send’ to menu)
‘t’ – set talk only mode. (Talk only, no listening)
‘T’ – set talker detection (sent to manager interface and meetme list)
‘w’ – wait until the marked user enters the conference
’x’ – close the conference when last marked user exits
’X’ – allow user to exit the conference by entering a valid single
digit extension ${MEETME_EXIT_CONTEXT} or the current context
if that variable is not defined.

You can also get information by search on

this is very possible. The thing you will need to keep in mind is that meetme mixing uses CPU power, so you will want to get a good CPU. The wiki ( has a page called asterisk dimensioning which may be of some help…