Asterisk-friendly VoIP providers?

Is there somewhere online a list of, with customer ratings, of Asterisk-friendly VoIP service providers in the US?

We’re just about fed-up with AT&T’s POTS lines here which go up and down like a yo-yo. I’ve been aware of Asterisk for years, and am a professional Linux system administrator, and I’m sure I could configure Asterisk for our (my wife’s and my home and businesses) use here.

I chatted with an online tech at Phone Power, asking if they “supported asterisk”, to which he said “no”, but may have thought I was asking if they provided technical support for it, which I wouldn’t expect them to do. I didn’t follow up. although Phone Power gets good customer reviews.

What, specifically are the issues with regard to VoIP service provider support for Asterisk? Technical answers are OK, since I can research anything I need to know and do need to come up to speed on this.

We’d like to be able to subscribe to a decent and responsive turn-key VoIP service w.o. having Asterisk on our end, and then as money and time permits, build up an in-house Asterisk PBX.

I’ve been working in the Asterisk industry for a while now. The SIP providers I like the most (in the USA) are:

  1. Flowroute ( - Cheap DID, rates, varying plans (for personal and business usage), reliability, unlimited channels, nice website, free trial (doesn’t require a credit card), asterisk setup instructions that actually work, awesome customer service, easy to pay (you add credits to your account via amazon pay), and again–awesome website.

  2. voipsms ( - Cheap DIDs, rates, caller ID name (optional), powerful website with tons of features / options, great support, cheap international rates to Canada.

Everything else is second best compared to these two. By far, the best SIP provider I’ve ever worked with is flowroute, and a close second is voipms. In my own personal and business usage I use flowroute primarily and voipms as a backup. I couldn’t be happier.

At my company we use several providers:,, voip innovations, velocity

I’ve also got some personal experience using - I’ve not had any major issues with the. But, it all probably depends on what exactly you and your wife are trying to accomplish.

Our company uses Broadvoice (registered through our Asterisk PBX) as a backup telephony service. Rates are affordable, and depending on your ISP, latency is not an issue.