Barge into a call

Hi. For example,
a: caller
b: callee
c: who will barge into
What I want is
Continuing the conversation after person c barges into the conversation, even if person a or person b hangup. I can’t do this with ChanSpy, whenever person a or b hangs up, the call hangs up. How can I do that? Thanks for reply.

Sending a or b after hangup to a confbridge will keep the channel up .

How can I do this, my conversation is between the user trunk calls and the sip user.

Only if you don’t enable the relevant option on Dial to retain the other party (g and F). You may have to reconnect the Spy if you were spying on the one that left.

Here is the answer to your question

What it is this about ?

But F option for caller hangup. I need to catch my callee hangup.

With hangup_handler_push I catch the hangup of the called party, but because the bridge is closed, I cannot establish a chan_spy connection with the caller. How can I do that.

Which is why I also listed the g option.

That was anticipated in the other responder’s reply, although I don’t see why you cant establish a fully fledged connection.

I can’t use g option becouse i use G option when calling. What is fully fledged connection?

Please don’t drip feed us with critical information. I’m not sure we can help further until we have seen the existing dialplan.

I meant bridge the supervisor and the agent directly.

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