Barge-in: General Questions

We’re currently working on a large Asterisk installation, and we’re looking for a way to barge in on any single extension. There seems to be very little, if any documentation on the barge-in feature that I can find. We’re using all SIP internally, is there anyway to do this with SIP? It seems I only find mention of this being a Zaptel feature, if so, anyway to mimic with SIP?

Any suggestions would be great.



On 1.4 you could look at monitor and whisper.
It might do something similar.


Hmm… I’ll give the ChanSpy app a try, with the w option. The functionality we’re looking for, is when 911 is called from any extension, a selection of phones called, and whether or not they are current on a call or not, they must get a message stating something like “911 was dialing from ###”.

Maybe there is a way to check to status of an extension, then either dial the extension and play back the audio, or if the phone is off the hook, ChanSpy in and play the audio.

Does that sound possible?