Barge in?

Can anyone can tell me how to barge into a call? I know how to spy a call (chanspy) but i want to be able to speak into the call I barge in.

Edit: Im using asterisk 1.4

Use the flag “w” on ChanSpy…

I have also been following this topic. I can not find the ‘w’ switch mention on
Once it has been added how is it used? Any keys to press like '*1"?

the wiki seems to be lacking on this … have a look at … iew=markup

the “help” in the app source is the same as CLI> show application ChanSpy (if you’re running 1.4)

voip-info is great but don’t always expect it to be up to date. As baconbuttie said do “show application ChanSpy” and you will see all the options.

Thanks a lot but w is whisper mode … this is really nice! But this is not what i need. Because whisper mode only allow you to speak to one side of a bridged call i need to be able to speak to both side.

Is it possible ?

And i just updated voip-info :smile: