ChanSpy or ExtenSpy, how to stay connect after hangup of outgoing call?


I am looking for options that will help me stay connect with my agent after outgoing call end. Now I’m trying used ExtenSpy but without success.

Please provide the relevant part of the dialplan, and define “stay connected”.

agent makes call to client, then supervisor by chanspy should connect to that call and could help to agent provide better selling (ChanSpy with wispering option), and question is how to prevent disconnect supervisor from agent after call end

exten => _*.,1,Noop(Spy)
        same => n,Answer
        same => n,ChanSpy(sip/${EXTEN:1},q)

Spying channel is not hangup after call end.
you can spy if there’s no call.

could you append asterisk CLI log?

ok, and i should as first parameter provide sip/1234 if 1234 is an agent’s extension ?

1234 is the device name, from sip…conf, not the extension. Asterisk doesn’t require queue members to have an extension at all. Device names don’t have to match extension names, and there are security advantages in their not doing so.

SIP/1234 is what appears as the prefix of the channel name in core show channels and in the, in this case, destination field in the CDR.

ok, 1234 is the sip account which is used to register endpoint to Asterisk.

Google Translated:
I would like the supervisor to be in constant contact with the agent, regardless of whether the agent is currently conducting a conversation or not.

I suspect that this can be hindered by the fact that the voice channel is not active when the agent is not talking. So I’m forced to get the agent connected to “confbrdge” and invite customers here. In this way, the agent will still have an active voice channel, so that the supervisor will have constant contact with the agent.

Asterisk doesn’t require phones to register. In particular, the sip.conf name for your ITSP can be used to spy on external calls, but the ITSP never registers with the customer. It is the sip.conf name regardless as to whether or not he peer registers For completeness, it can also be an IP address, or domain name, if guest calls (incoming) or direct address calls (outgoing) are involved.

It sounds like you want to use AgentLogin, in which case the call form the external device is permanently up.

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