Music-on-hold goes bad after a few seconds only when Parked

Zaptel 1.2.5 but only loading ztdummy, no zap hardware
RedHat ES3 with all updates

Aastra 9133 phones

If I answer a call and then press the hold button on the phone, the caller hears the music fine. If I dial a test extension that puts me straight into moh, the music plays nice also.

But when I press the transfer button on the phone and dial 700 the caller starts to hear the music very nice, but then after a few seconds, the music goes way too loud and distorted.

Watching the CLI shows nothing strange happening.[/b]

I think there is an audio feed cause 700 is transfer as well (adding MOH endlessly one layer on each other) ?

Did you ever find an answer for this.
I am getting exactly the same problem.

I went back to using the madplay program to play music. The built in one had way too many problems. This is on a 2.4.x kernel with no Zaptel hardware of any kind for timing. I am using the ztdummy module. I have other servers using Digium cards and do not have problems. If I get time, I am going to update that server to the 2.6.x kernel and see if that helps.

Thanks for the info.
I am using ASTLinux which has a Kernel version of running Asterisk

It actually appears that it is streaming 2 x MOH from the debug.
I may do a Trixbox install and see if I have the same problem.