Sound choppy res_musiconhold.c

.Jul 9 17:13:12 WARNING[11620]: res_musiconhold.c:833 moh_register: Unable to open pseudo channel for timing… Sound may be choppy.

I installed asterisk in two machines, one is running suse 9.3 the other runs suse 10. But both reciev the warning as above.

And when I use the softphone to connect the asterisk. make A call B. the problem is that A can speak to B, and B can hear. But when B speaks, A can’t hear anything.

What is the problem. Both sound cards run well.

Did you install the asterisk-addons?

mpg123 can cause the problems you’re descibing with choppy moh. The add-ons will install the fix needed for * native player. Then change the line in your musiconhold.conf file to say


That solved my moh problem. As for why A can hear B but B cannot hear A, I think we’d need more information to help you with that.


I the choppy MOH problem too.

I followed this procedure:

  1. install the asterisk-addons package (from ports)
  2. in rc.conf: zaptel_enable=“YES”
  3. in musiconhold.conf, under [default], mode=files

I checked MOH after each step and it was choppy after step 2. Step 3 finally fixed the problem - MOH is now as clear as a bell.

Thanks for your posts which pointed me in the right direction!

You should install a “time channel”.
With zaptel, you have ztdummy. You can use this channel driver without using any card.
Zaprtc is nice too.
Remember that this ztdummy needs a UHCI root hub (usb).
OHCI and EHCI did not work for me.

please guide me how can install asterisk-1.4.0 in suse linux 9.3…
please give me full commend to install it

thanks, … _suse.html