AMI - Getting Event of QueueAgents WrapupTime State

Hi @ all,

in the reason on having some agents logged in in more than one queues I need to
get the state if an Agent goes in
Postprocessing State to do this for this Agent in all other Queues he is logged

For this I tried to catch this Event above the AMI. But there is never thrown
the QueueMemberPaused or AgentComplete Event
and in all the QueueMemberStatus Events the Agent never has the state Paused

What options do I have to to solve this?

Using Asterisk under Gemeinschaft.

Best regards


Paused is not the same as being in wrap up. Paused is something that is explicitly set.

Unless the implementation has changed, there is no thread that looks after queue members, so there cannot be an event when wrap up time ends. Basically calls look for agents, and check whether the wrap up time is still current when they are doing so, so wrap up time only gets evaluated the next time a call is available. Calls only check for agents once a second.

This should have been on Asterisk Support.